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Slitter is equipment for slitting or rewinding the metalized and processed film according to the customer's required specifications.

Slitter can also inspect all the products it slits/rewinds through its transmission/reflection detector.


Equipment that slits/rewinds film to the customer's required specifications.

Inspection System

Online crystal inspection function during film winding
Transmission detector (single inspection)
Reflection detector (single inspection)
Transmission & reflection detector
(combined inspection)

Edge Position Control

Detects and aligns film edges automatically to uniformly control the film’s winding state

Ionizer Antistatic Bar

The antistatic bars installed in the three film-winding areas reduce the wrinkles that can be caused by static electricity.

Slitter & Rewinder

  • Material Quality PET BASE & METALLIZED FILM
  • Material Thickness Min. 6.5 micron ~ Max. 188 micron
  • Material Width Min. 500mm ~ Max. 2,500mm
  • Cutting Width Min. 320mm ~ Max. 2,300mm (Max. 4 Cutting)
  • Operation Speed Max. 500m/min
  • Slitting System Razor Knife + Ring knife Cutting System