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Seoil's R&D center is discovering future growth engines by developing high value-added products, process innovation, and creating new businesses through continuous investment and strategic resource allocation.

Research Areas


Packing Films
  • High barrier film
  • Retort pouch
  • Transparent barrier film
Industrial Films
  • Functional Film for
    Electronic products
  • Functional Film for Building
  • Functional Film for vehicles
  • Functional Film for hygiene,
    safety, and medicine
  • Functional Film
Miscellaneous Films
  • Functional packing material
  • Secondary cell material
  • Solar cell material
Development of Prior Technology
  • Development of new materials and eco-friendly alternatives
  • Participation in the national advanced R&D projects

Operation Direction

Maximizing the R&D Activity for Developing Core Technology

Studying the original technology and strengthening the competitiveness of the core technology

Realizing Synergy through the Technical Agreement

Promoting the joint research and concluding the technical agreement through the industry-university collaboration and exchange activity

Doing the Advanced R&D with Variability

Creating the experiment environment enabling the various researches flexibly handling the present and future demands

Securing the New Growth Engine through the Future-Oriented Technology Development

Presenting the technical directivity by pioneering the new market and by securing the new growth engine