Product Introduction

For PackagesALO SKY - F / ALO SKY - R

Product Introduction

It has excellent gas barrier properties and minimizes food deterioration due to moisture absorption or oxygen. Thanks to these features, the shelf life of food is extended and storage stability is enhanced.

Because the film is non-conductive, it can be used for metal detectors, microwave ovens, RFIDs, retort pouches, etc. Unlike the conventional opaque Al-metalized packaging materials, our transparent barrier films enable the visual checking of the food content inside the package.

* These are some of the examples where Seoil’s transparent barrier film is applied.

Product Characteristics

  • Moisture Barrier

  • High Permeability

  • Printability

  • Stickiness

Product Properties

Property ALO SKY -F (Room Temperature) Spec ALO SKY -R (Retort) Spec
WVTR (g/m²day) 0.3 ~ 0.4 0.1 ~ 0.4
OTR (cc/m²day) 0.08 0.2 ~ 0.4
VLT (%) 88 or more 88 or more
Haze 2.5 or less 2.5 or less
Wettability (mN/m) 50 or more 50 or more

※ As the base film is selected according to the intended application, the physical properties may vary.