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Safety Environment Disaster Prevention Policy

Safe production environment

The best quality is produced in the safety production environment.

Safe and comfortable work environment

All workers of Seoil work in the comfortable work environment and the space securing the safety of all of them.
Seoil’s belief that the worker’s safety can be achieved with the good quality provides the best work environment for the worker.

Basic Idea

“Ensuring a pleasant work environment and labor safety”

Seoil believes that ensuring the safety of workers by creating a safe and pleasant work environment is a pillar for its business activities.
To this end, Seoil invites external experts to inspect and improve the safety level of each production process, and conducts internal safety audits as well, from design and installation to operation of facilities, as part of industrial disaster prevention.

Basic Policy

  • 1. Comply with the laws and rules pertaining to safety and stick to the basics.
  • 2. The top priority is the safety of workers, which is the basis of business activities.
  • 3. Provide full support to maintain and enhance the health of its workers.
  • 4. Always rectify unsafe conditions immediately and do not engage in any unsafe behavior.
  • 5. Conduct a communication meeting to improve labor safety by addressing all the risk factors.
  • 6. Efforts should be made to create a safe and secure workplace.
  • 7. Conduct the workers' collective training on labor safety and accident prevention on a regular basis.

Korea Industrial Safety and Health Public Corporation
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