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Sound Management Structure

Being faithful to the principles and basics, all employees of Seoil are doing their best to satisfy customers with the best quality products/services.
Seoil will continue to develop new technologies and strengthen its competitiveness to be a world-class provider of high-function processed film materials.

  • 1. Social responsibility is taken with law observance and ethical management.
    • 1)Individual dignity and human rights are respected with the compliance with various laws.
    • 2)Accounting transparency is maintained, and a bribe and entertainment are not accepted.
    • 3)An effort is made to enhance the confidence in the company with the social responsibility and obligation.
  • 2. The clean and active organization culture is maintained.
    • 1)The mutual confidence is built with the sound comradeship and smooth communication.
    • 2)Line is drawn between public and private in all work activities without creating the internal political faction.
  • 3. Customer satisfaction is realized with the optimal safety and the best quality.
    • 1)Safety accidents are prevented by observing the safety rules and by creating the comfortable work environment.
    • 2)The best effort on the incessant quality improvement is made on the basis of the quality first.