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Intellectual Property Rights

Our company makes an effort on securing the various intellectual property rights through the steady technology development On the basis of the accumulated technology and know-how.

The incessant challenge to innovation and customer satisfaction

Seoil continues the incessant R&D in the R&D center by achieving the world’s leading company in the vacuum metallization film, customer satisfaction, and environment preservation.

R&D Status

Project Title Description Period
Industry-academic Cooperation Technology Development Project Development of transparent metalized film for food packaging 2018~2019
Rapid Commercialization Support Project Technology development for localization of AlOx transparent barrier products 2019~2020
Industry-university Regular Technical Meeting for Transparent Barrier Coating Development Development of a barrier coating solution for high barrier and QD applications 2019
SME Technology Innovation Development Development of mass-production technology for localization of transparent barrier film for QD Displays 2020~2022
SME Commercialization Technology Development Development of local production technology of the gas barrier transparent film for food packaging 2020~2022
Single-year Transfer Technology Commercialization R&D Development of Al barrier film to replace Al foil for food packaging 2021~2022