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Quality Environment Policy

Social responsibility
of the company

Seoil taking a full responsibility
for all the values of the company

The perfect quality and the clean environment

All the corporate activities of Seoil realize the customer emotion and contribute to the global environment preservation with the product made of eco-friendly materials and technological prowess.

Basic Idea

“Producing the product getting customer confidence and satisfaction with environment preservation and perfect quality”

Seoil contributes to preservation of the global environment by manufacturing/selling eco-friendly Al-metalized films.
We will continue with our efforts to maintain the market trust by fulfilling the customer needs and maximizing their satisfaction. By doing so, Seoil will realize the following policies.

Basic Policy

  • 1.Establishing and maintaining the quality and environment management system
  • 2.Steadily reviewing and improving the effectiveness of the quality and environment management system
  • 3.Improving the customer satisfaction through the setting of the quality goal
  • 4.Contributing to the environment preservation through the setting of the environment goal
  • 5.Protecting the information asset through the setting of the supplementation goal