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Coater is a device that applies a range of coating solutions to the substrate. The coating process effectively protects the relatively weak inorganic thin film and improves the barrier function.

High-barrier Top Coating Technology

  • Enables moisture- and oxygen-barrier functions and protection of transparent inorganic thin film
  • Mass-produces high-quality transparent barrier films through excellent control of coating uniformity
  • Eco-friendly, unrivalled coatings manufacturing technology
  • Large-area, large-scale and high-speed production equipment in place

Coater (Top Coating & Anchor Coating)

Web Spec PET 12~80µm
CPP 15~25µm
OPP 15~60µm
Nylon 15~60µm
Web Coating Width 2,500mm
Machine Max Speed 300m/min
Coating Head Micro Gravure, Gravure