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Social Responsibility

the company contributes
to the community

Resource Recycling and
Development of Eco-friendly Products

In attempting to be an eco-friendly social enterprise, Seoil always aims to produce more eco-friendly products by applying innovative technologies. We reuse or recover the waste materials. For the waste that cannot be reused or recovered, we try to minimize the environmental impact through our continuous R&D.

Seoil is a company that strives to improve the value of life through Social Responsibility activities.
Seoil aims to realize sustainable management by fulfilling its social responsibilities, and ultimately to contribute to the development of local communities.

Scholarship Projects
and Contribution Activities

Social responsibility of the company

All the values of Seoil are created by customers and the society.
The company shouldn’t avoid all the customers and the society enhancing Seoil’s value and should fully take social and ethical responsibilities.
Seoil will do its best to make the society growing with the responsibility for all the people caring Seoil.

Volunteer Activities
for the Handicapped
and the Welfare Center
for Senior Citizens